Our Mission

Our Immune System Programming (ISP™) technology turns a patient's own B cells into miniature drug factories.
Immusoft’s mission is to develop a completely new platform for delivering medicines – programming a patient’s own cells to become miniature drug factories. By instructing a patient’s cells to constantly secrete gene-encoded medicines (biologics), our technology would enable treatments that are currently infeasible due to short half-life, instability, or production and distribution challenges – all of which are significant limitations of current delivery modalities.

First Indication

MPS I, a rare genetic disease that is incurable and lethal by age 12, is our first indication. Our objective is to show that the human immune system can make cells secrete the enzyme needed to treat MPS I, and that the modified cells will engraft and function properly in mice. We are currently scaling up our production capacity to begin in vivo studies. With the help of our collaborators at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, we will then engraft the modified cells into genetically modified mice. The data we generate will provide the foundation for conducting similar studies in primates, and humans.

Where We Are Going

Within 50 years, we will program human cells like we program computers. Envision a stand-alone device capable of modifying a patient’s cells to manufacture biologic-based therapies for a wide range of disease including cardiovascular disease, cancers, infectious diseases, and lysosomal storage diseases. Programming a patient’s cells to manufacture their own treatments could dramatically reduce therapy costs. For example, for MPS I, from over $250,000 annually to under $500. Our core technology could put currently inaccessible treatments within reach of the developing world. Also possible will be life-extending regenerative treatments. The ISP™ platform will represent a new frontier of human biomedicine.